20 May 2014



FEN Works is built upon one goal, to provide the most thorough and professional solutions to your creative needs. Our promise to you is that we will guide you through each project providing suggestions and opinions about how best to execute it based on our years of combined knowledge int he creative and marketing fields.


FEN Works is comprised of 3 distinct personalities, Farrell Reza Maideen, Emanar Alaya and Naqhi Nasir.

Farrell Reza Maideen has been in the production and creative field for many years as a Graphic Designer, Motion Graphics Animator and Video Editor. His exposure to the field has had him working on layout for print, for video as well as online. His work as Motion Graphics Animator and Video Editor has resulted in working on projects such as TV Commercials, Viral Videos, Motions Graphics/Animation Videos, Corporate Videos, Award Videos and everything in between. His keen eye for design and effective delivery of visual information has had clients come back to him again and again.

Emanar Alaya is for want of a better description, a self-made woman. Always looking for new challenge she has taught herself the skills needed to excel in the creative and marketing field. Through the years she has managed large teams of people working in the corporate field, designed and delivered websites, managed a website that deals with antique shipwreck jewellery pieces, produced videos for corporations and event. But her best asset is her ability to manage and execute a project from start to finish flawlessly.

Naqhi Nasir has been the creative field for may years as a Copywriter and Producer. As a Copywriter he has done everything that requires the skill of a wordsmith, from simple brochures and posters to Corporate Portfolio to Script for Corporate Videos, Viral Videos and even TV Commercials. His work as a Producer has seen him working on Multi-Camera Event Productions, Corporate Videos, Sport Event, Viral Videos, Behind the Scenes Documentary and even Theater performances, Animations and more. Recently he has even delved into the world of Voice Talent doing voice overs for Online Reality Programs, Promo for TV programs, etc.


Full Conception management and execution of the following :

Creative Design, Conception and Layout for Print, Websites and Video.

Full Copywriting service for Print, Online and Video.

Video for Pre- and Post-Production Services for Corporate Video, Viral Video, Online Video, TV Commercials, Music Video, PSAs and Multi-Camera Event Coverage.


  • Gamuda Tunnel Training Academy Launch Video
  • Lipton Jom Teh Tarik Web Series
  • Coral Triangle Day 2013 with Bobby Chinn
  • The Southkey Property Launch Video
  • The ISTANA Melbourne Property Launch Video
  • The Traders Hotel SkyBars Chef ession on Sustainable Seafood with Bobby Chinn
  • The Maybank GO AHEAD CHALLENGE 2012 Reality how for Web
  • TradewindTreasures.com.my



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