3 August 2015

The 5 Signs It’s Time To Leave

Diantara ramai-ramai kawan kita mesti ada seorang dua kawan kita jenis yang mencintai pasangan membuta tuli kan? Kadang-kadang aku pelik dengan orang macam ni. Pasangan tu punya la jahat nak mampos tapi kawan kita tu masih nak bersama.. masih nak setia dengan penjahat tu.. Pelik kan? Aku rasa macam nak cungkil je otak kawan aku tu lepas tu buat uji kaji apa sebenarnya dalam kepalanya hahahaha.

Bagi aku setiap manusia berhak untuk gembira berhak untuk bahagia. So kenapa kita perlu pilih derita? Nak tunggu pasangan tu berubah? Cuba fikir dah berapa banyak peluang yang kau dah bagi? Dia hargai tak? Kalau tak hargai buat apa nak simpan pasangan macam tu?

Ciri utama lelaki yang patut dijauhi ialah lelaki PANAS BARAN! Bahaya woooo kahwin dengan lelaki panas baran!!!

The 5 Signs It’s Time To Leave

1. You run out of things to say to each other. 

Everyday conversations are limited to “How’s your day?” and “I’m going to bed”. This is different from being comfortable with silence. You have more things to say to your reflection in the mirror about him, rather than to him. He has more to tell his friends than to you.

2. The both of you don’t feel engaged or connected. 

You tried everything TimeOut magazine suggests romantic couples do and it still feels artificial. Your soul blends more with the ambience rather than with his. All the other tables are filled with chatters and laughters while yours has empty emotions. Sadly, the both of you are happier hanging out with other cliques.

3. You feel more wanted when you’re outside than with him.

Even the goofy valet guy who whistles “Amoi, you cantik lah” as you walk by makes your day, because he has stopped looking into your eyes the way he used to. He wraps his arms around himself most of the time instead of your waist.

4. He makes you wait. 

You’re left to guess what his Whatsapp time stamp means. Gone were the days he used to message you when he is going to pick you up. Now he is basically gone until he decides to text you, prepped with a “sorry” after; even when you’ve already planned your date together.

5. You mentioned all the above 8742372354309 times and there is still no improvement. 

What happened to all the effort he once put in just to get you? Isn’t he the same guy? You know his capacity to love but now he’s just not capable anymore? Owh, what bull!


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