3 March 2010


Capricorn (December 21 - January 19)

Capricornus is a Latin compound of "she-goat" (capra) and "horn" (cornus), which translates the original Greek Aegocerus, "goat-horned.

 "Capricorn is generally an upholder of tradition.

Capricorn is usually interested in the welfare of the community.

Capricorn has a noble ambition and an extraordinary power of adaptability. 

Once in a while Capricorn becomes too ambitious in the wealth department. 

Capricorn is a bit of a flirt. 

When it comes to marriage Capricorn looks for a "suitable" marriage and it is usually successful.

Zodiac symbol : The Goat 

Known as : The Ambassador 

Ruling planet : Saturn

Quality : Cardinal

Element : Earth

Greatest Overall Compatibility : Taurus, Virgo 

Best for Marriage and Partnerships : Cancer 

Day : Saturday 

Color : Dark Green & Dark Blue 

Flowers : Carnation 

Lucky Numbers : 2, 8 

Capricorn virtues : Sense of duty, organization, perseverance, patience, ability to see the long term

Negative traits : Pessimism, depression, undue materialism and conservatism

Celebrities born under the sign Capricorn

Mohammad Ali

 Datuk Siti Nurhaliza

 Martin Luther King
(American clergyman,


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