12 April 2013

Iron Man 3 : My Way

Iron Man 3 My Way?

Hmmm... My Iron Man suit would go through an evolutionary process. First it would start off as an egg.

Like this.

Then it would naturally evolve into it's pupa stage where it would survive the wild from being eaten and of course eating everything in it's path. This is to ensure it's as tough as nails and knows how to survive in the wild. At the pupa stage it'll look something like this.

The shell would molt and with every molt it would get tougher and tougher till it's as indestructible as adamantium. (you know like wolverine's claws)

After that it would evolve into it's next stage which would look like this.

At this stage it would be getting physically stronger and tougher. Ever been kicked by a horse? A man can't even run longer than a couple of hours without passing out but a horse can do it with a man on his back. Plus being able to kick like a horse is pretty cool too. HAHAHA!!

Next stage would be the juvenile stage. This is when it learns about what's cool and not and about rules and laws and boundaries. And of course about girls and boys and learning about responsibilities, etc. All that boring grown up stuff. This is to prepare to be an awesome adult super hero of course. Maybe. This stage will look like this.

Then it would become an adult and it'll be HUGE!!! The armor will be pure adamantium cross weaved with a titanium-diamond compound. Hidden in every slot, crack, nook and cranny is every conceivable energy weapon powered by wind, solar, the elements, etc. which is turned into energy by nano machines living, multiplying and working in the suit itself which also repairs the suit if damage occurs. And it'll look like this.

But this isn't the final stage.

The final stage is this.

Why this? Well it's survived 6 movies, all made and remade and made better or worse depending on where you stand as a fan. It's survived being Anakin Skywalker's robot all the way till Luke Skywalker became a full fledged Jedi Master. It's survived all sorts of wars, battles, being shot at, thrown, dropped, tossed, shocked, attacked with lightsabers, stuck outside a spaceship. I think it's ultimately stronger than Iron Man. HAHAHAHAHA!!

People this is just my own idea, if you have your own idea too, you can join it and maybe you will win a pair of Nuffnang Premiere Screening invitation for Iron Man 3. View HERE for more detail.


  1. Haha..are u joshing me?

  2. err memula macam udang, pastu jd cam kuda. tetiba jadi iron man. pastu dah besar tetiba jd kecik. hikhikhik..

  3. wow! amazing... dont miss it

  4. gambar kedua tu mcm udang pun ada,bila tengok sepitnya dah mcm ketam..last2 jd iron man ye

  5. Iron Lobster, Power Ranger . . . Good Luck to you heh :)

  6. tgh x sabar nk tengok iron man 3 nih.. tetiba tertengok entri ni... hahahaha


arigato gozaimas muahhhhhhh!!

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